Terms and conditions

Site license

Quantity of licenses depends on number of database servers where the goelocation database have been installed. For example installation of geolocation database on two database servers requires two licences. All installations should be accessible only by your company.


Information and products on this website may only be used for business and academic purposes.


If you have not yet downloaded a database, you may request a refund for up to two months after the date of purchase. Please determine if our products satisfy your requirements before you make a purchase. You can take advantage of 50 free trial queries per day in the “demo” sectionn of out website.


By using the information from our databases, you are required to indemnify and hold harmless getIPdata.com from any way. You will not hold getIPdata.com accountable for any legal problems that will occur regarding the usage of our data.

Agreement and Liability

GetIPdata.com provides the products “as is” and without warranty of any kind. By purchasing our databases, you must agree that the use of the data found on this website is at your own risk. We cannot also guarantee the accuracy, completeness and suitability of the information listed on our databases.