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  • Postal codes database

Download sample data – IPv4
Download sample data – IPv6

Product Description

Determine the continent, country, region, sub-region, city, owner, ISP, Autonomous system number, connection type, GMT offset, weather station code, phone preffix, currency, population, elevation, postal code, latitude, longitude associated with IP addresses.


Product is available $66 (sign up fee + monthly billing) for the first month and $11 for each month thereafter. You can suspend/reactivate or cancel/renew your subscription at any time without paying the sign up fee again.


Databases are updated on the 10th of each month.

Technical details

IPv4 and IPv6 databases are offered in a CSV format. The primary use case for these CSV files is to import them into a SQL database or other data store.

Name Type Description
ip_from unsigned int(10) The first IPv4 address in a netblock. To convert IP addresses between dotted and integer format, you may check developer’s information.
ip_to unsigned int(10) The last IPv4 address in a netblock. To convert IP addresses between dotted and integer format, you may check developer’s information.
continent_code char(2) Two-character continent code.
continent_name varchar(20) Continent name.
country_code char(2) Two-character ISO 3166-1 country code.
country_name varchar(200) Country name.
region_name varchar(200) Region or state name.
ascii_region_name varchar(200) Region or state name in ASCII encoding.
region2_name varchar(200) Sub-region name.
ascii_region2_name varchar(200) Sub-regionor name in ASCII encoding.
city_name varchar(200) City name.
ascii_city_name varchar(200) City name in ASCII encoding.
owner varchar(100) Company owner or Internet Service Provider.
ASN varchar(10) Autonomous system number.
ISP varchar(200) Internet service provider.
time_zone int(2) GMT offset.
weather_station_code varchar(10) Weather location codes as used by e.g. AOL Weather, The Weather Channel (weather.com) or Yahoo! Weather.
phone_prefix varchar(10) Country prefix numbers to dial phone number.
currency_code char(3) Three-character ISO 4217 currency code.
currency_name char(3) Currency name.
connection_type varchar(9) Dialup, Cable/DSL or Corporate connection type.
population int(11) City population.
elevation int(11) Elevation of the city.
postal_code int(11) Assumed postal code of the location.
latitude double City latitude.
longitude double City longitude.

Database size uncompressed:

  • IPv4: 2.81 GB
  • IPv6: 300 MB

Compressed size:

  • IPv4: 208 MB
  • IPv6: 26 MB